It has taken me over 10 years, thousands of hours and numerous rejected ideas and test projects to reach the perfect Slow Feeding solution. Today our horses (like most others) gain weight during late summer while grazing, (even the Shetland who wears a grazing muzzle) but lose that extra weight during the winter (6 months) even though (or maybe because) they have 24/7 access to a netted round bale of hay. This also applies to the Shetland (who doesn’t wear his muzzle during the winter).

When I started experimenting back in 1997 it was purely to reduce the amount of wasted hay and straw. I had no idea that it would lead to a feeding method that would change both the psychology and health of the horses. Today we know that Slow Feeding creates the horses we were searching for. They become healthy, calm, agreeable, high performing and always ready and willing to work.

On top of that we never have to feed on a scheduled and wastage is almost eliminated.